Services & Pricing

Basic Shopify Store Setup

Get up and running on Shopify in as little as a few days. This will provide you a solid foundation to continue to build on and experiment with. As a partner, I can provide you with a free Shopify trial before your ready to launch. Includes:
  • Basic theme installation and customization
  • Up to 4 pages*
  • Up to 4 imported products*
  • A brief tour of how to use the Shopify platform
Starts at $1750 and up 

Shopify Store Setup
Not only a basic set up, but we will dive into ensuring you customer lifecycle on your website is ideal for your product, provide as-much-to-as-little theme customization as you need (it might even look like a different site if wanted), and integrate with apps that will maximize Shopify. This default package includes:
  • Theme installation and advanced customization
  • Up to 6 pages*
  • Up to 10 imported products*
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Hotjar Basic heatmaps
  • Add referral program & rewards program
  • Optional Add-on: Rush delivery of 2 weeks or less. I do not work on anything other than your project. Add $300
  • Optional Add-on: Work on-site. I work onsite at your store location for part of the time if you need*. Add $1000.
Starting at $2500

* Both packages come with the ability to add more products or pages for an additional fee

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Are you on WooCommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Magento, or some other platform and looking to join Team Shopify? Let me help you get everything over to Shopify with little-to-no headache. No Advil required. I also have the ability to work onsite for an additional fee.

Starting at $2000
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Store update
Have a task you just can't seem to figure out? Is something about the layout of your page just bugging you? I can help! I can make theme updates such such as fonts, colors, layouts, and placement so the design is just the way you want it, tweak how something works or move it to another part of the page, help with SEO and conversion optimization, help with app or channel integration, and more. If something isn't listed here, definitely ask.
Billed hourly at $70/hr or per task based on estimated amount of hours.

Custom section or page
Are your other pages more bland than your home page? Are you tired of replicating the same page in Shogun a million times? Let me help you create a custom page or section that you customize exactly the same way you do the home page. 
Starting at $200.

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Need a Shopify task not defined here? Purchase a few hours of my time and we'll get it done.
Project rate is $70/hr * estimated time to complete task

Expecting regular maintenance such as product uploads, design changes, announcements, etc? Purchase a bundle of my time so I can always be on deck and ready to help, like an employee, but easier and cheaper.
Starting at $100/month

Interested in working together?

Message me, I'd love to learn more about your business.

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