We meet to outline goals that have a specified output. For instance if a client tells me they would like to make a change to their Shopify theme, goals might be:

  1. Create mobile and desktop highly fidelity mockup of XYZ to be approved by client
  2. Implement changes in an unpublished version of their Shopify Theme
  3. Publish changed theme

By figuring out those highly trackable goals, I can put a time estimate on how long the project will take. By multiplying the estimated time by my $50 hourly rate, I get the project total (example: 7 hour project * $50/hourly rate = $350 project total). I will issue a contract asking for half of the project total before I start and the other half upon completion.* I'll also give you an estimated day that your project will be completed by. All this will be included in the contract.

*The half & half deal isn't applicable for some running specials or deals


Turn-around time is usually less than 2 weeks depending on the task and I never work on more than two projects at the same time, meaning you get a huge chunk of my attention.

During the process, if I didn’t state it enough, communication > everything. This includes:

  1. Available on my personal cell phone through text or call from M-F 9-5 PST
  2. Daily email update about what I’ve completed and what I’m going to complete for the day
  3. Trello board that lists all our tasks under a “Todo”, “In Progress”, and “Done” column so you have a record of what I’m working on
  4. Slack channel for all my clients where they can message me real time if they need.

It is my goal to make sure we are always on the same page. Each time I've completed a task, I will ask you if it's to your liking and reiterate on it the things that need work until they're approved.


When all of our tasks together are complete and approved by you, I do a final check with you to make sure we aren't missing anything. If you have opted to do analytics integration, we can do a follow up to analyze what impact our changes had on converting customers. When everything meets your expectation, I ask for the second half of the project total.

If you think you will need upkeep/maintenance every month or want help on analyzing monthly impact, I also have optional monthly maintenance packages available so I'm always on call to help you with your Shopify store. 


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