Curvy Girl Case study

  • Make existing theme more user friendly on mobile
  • Increase sales
  • Increase mailing list subscribers
  • Increased mailing list subscribers by 4,700
  • Multiplied weekend sales by a factor of 1.4
  • Heavily modified the preexisting Shopify theme to include custom sections, pages, and styling
Technology used:
  • Shopify custom development; Liquid & CSS 
  • Smile Rewards Shopify App 
  • HotJar analytics & Shopify Analytics

My work can be found primarily on the mobile version of the site which you can see on your mobile device or through Chrome developer tools.
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HotJar analytics & Shopify Analytics and my design decisions:

Equipped with Shopify analytics, I was able to tell which items as well as collection sold the most on Curvy Girl Lingerie. After doing this, I double confirmed that there was still interest in these items (read: there wasn't a huge sale at some point that particularly skewed the numbers) based on search terms Shopify reported visitors recently searched for. 

In order to find out what kind of items users were interested in purchasing, I did two things. I created an easy on-page navigation shown bellow

as well as different groupings of items such as "Best Sellers", "New Arrivals", and "Pink Lipstick" (a lingerie design brand that had been searched for on the site multiple times that I found through Shopify Analytics) shown in a call-to-action for each grouping.

To confirm that these items were not only popular, it was something visitors actively wanted to click on, I started recording a heatmap in Hotjar.  

These findings gave a very clear understanding of what was searched the most. In order to not give away Curvy Girls proprietary data, here is a snippet of our Hotjar analytics on the on-page navigation:

This let us know that we wanted to really concentrate on promoting and optimizing the "Bras and Panties" and "Xtra Naughty" collections of products because they acted as a clear funnel.

For instance, it might be best to make sure to include up selling and cross selling promotions in these categories as well as make discovering sizes and kinds easily. 

Increasing subscribers:

In order to increase the subscribers, we implemented Smile Rewards program, which resulted in an increase of 4,700+. After gathering email addresses with Smile, the average open rate of the Smile rewards mailing list was around 20%. I also created a custom page template with custom sections in order to help better promote the program on its own landing page while still being editable if the program had changes in the future. 

We promoted the program on the website by creating a clear call to action in the navigation "Get $10" that linked to an explanatory page.

While Smile comes with it's own launcher on the bottom right corner, we created a explanatory page so customers could understand the benefit of the program as well as have a landing page for the Curvy Girl rewards program.

As anyone who has used Shopify knows, creating custom pages with styling outside the theme's definition of predefined pages is hard unless you use an app like Shogun (this basically extends Shopify to have similar functionality to a Squarespace or Wix UI editor). In order to both save on cost because this was a one off scenario as well as have complete control of the design, I created custom sections as well as page template for our reward program.